Site Le Corbusier, Firminy

Tactile model of Firminy’s Unite d’Habitation (Housing Unit), designed by Le Corbusier

Something different this week: a rubbing rather than a drawing. Life is lived through five senses and I think trips to museums should be no different. I love being able to touch and interact with things in museums. It makes them all the more meaningful and memorable. I also love rubbings because they create a visual impression of something tactile, a texture in 2D.

The interesting thing about the Site Le Corbusier is that it is the buildings themselves that are the museum. Le Corbusier was one of the pioneers of modernist architecture and in Firminy five striking buildings have been built after his designs: a church, a swimming pool, a stadium, a housing unit and a cultural centre.

For this week’s rubbing I’m grateful to a special somebody who held the paper steady for me: thanks Mum! I’m also hoping the kind people at the Site Le Corbusier don’t mind that I used their tactile model in this way: I’m confident I did it no harm.


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